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      WHY US

      Providing Healthy Drinking Water For Human Beings Is The Main Goal Of Hezhong

      W. H. O. Survey


      80% of human diseases are related to water!


      More than 50% of drinking water is unsafe!


      Poor drinking water quality is responsible for 50% of child deaths


      Water pollution is as high as 50% of environmental events


      There are 765 kinds of harmful organic pollutants in drinking water

      50 million

      Fifty million children die every year because of water quality problems


      Is the water you are drinking safe?

      Brand Strength

      64 years drinking water brand, 70% processing zone enterprises are in use.Full open system, no pressure hot cylinder, in line with the new regulations, safe to use.Dedicated persistence and active research and development, the company has become a brand in the industry.

      Honor Strength

      Product specifications complete, reasonable price, quality won the ISO9001 certification, product national standard inspection passed.SGS certification, 3C certification, environmental protection seal certificate, 8 million product responsibility and other awards.

      Professional Advantage

      All products have passed the household appliance safety test, 3C certification and batch certification.Large-scale projects can directly invite experts to participate in the guidance.

      Product Diversification

      Products from home to commercial use, drinking water in public places full coverage.According to the project budget needs to make qualified high -, middle - and low-end product line matching scheme.

      Five-Star Service

      Experienced team meticulous service


      As required by the customers ,according to the water quality and climate,help customers to select the product selection,field survey,overall planning,and increase and decrease the capacity and specifications of the products.


      The sale of products within one year warranty and lifetime technical services,we make a period of filter replacement by customer's water consumption,and provide replacement service.


      The company provides investigation and design of installed fields according to different demands of customer, to ensure that hydropower construction meet national standards in the construction process.


      Customer who originally purchased the product can enjoy free technical services for life.As long as product is still within our service ,we can also home repair and maintenance.


      According to the water consumption,number of people and environment of customer,provide the best solution for our clients.Don't energy-saving ,environmental protection.

      ABOUT US

      Hezhong enterprise co., LTD., founded in 1954, has a history of 65 years. It is a manufacturer of drinking water equipment and water treatment equipment. Hezhong brand management adopts the mode of self-production and self-sale.
             Since its establishment, Hezhong brand has recognized the importance of research and development and customer service, and has actively researched and developed new products and improved existing products every year, and invested a huge amount of money to launch a programmable sterilization water dispenser, which provides ice, temperature and hot water.It also ensures that the total bacteriostosis in drinking water conforms to the national standard of less than 100fu/ml, providing protection for the safety of drinking water for consumers.


      To Provide You With The Latest News Of Hezhong Water Dispenser




      Consult"You Drink Water, We Care"
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